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Flowers From Ecuador

Since the very beginning in 1999, Fresh Life Floral is fully equipped in shipping fresh flowers from Ecuador by plane. Over the years, Fresh Life Floral has become an absolute specialist in far destinations in terms of airline selection, proper packing, documentation, domestic transport and customs clearing. Nowadays, Fresh Life Floral exports more than 1 million kilograms of fresh flowers from Ecuador by air worldwide per year.


Welcome To Fresh Life Floral

By using our system you will become more effective in your sales - no more wasting precious time on the phone. Find what you are looking for fast and easy with the new search engine. Always give your customers top of the line quality product and service. Fresh Life Floral understands that your time is important, and shouldn't be wasted. So stop sitting on the phone, calling your grower to find that they don't have what you're looking for. Buy more efficiently, Let Fresh Life Floral streamline your buying process!!

  • Compare prices, packs and grades all at the same time.
  • Access to the largest fresh cut flower inventory in Ecuador.
  • Search for just what you are looking for. Don't waste time looking through pages and pages of inventory when you know what you want. Find it fast and buy it instantly.
  • 10x faster than ever before. Quickly maneuver through the system, editing your search criteria and finding the flowers that you need. No more wasting time on the phone, just a few clicks and you have your product ordered and on its way.
  • Quickly view and buy inventory online from multiple suppliers at the same time. You can also sell right out of the system to your customers.

Buy directly from Ecuadorian growers


Buying Methods

Live Inventory

Real time Inventory

At some point after the post-harvest is done, our growers have inventory to sell - so we help them move it. When you sign in, you will immediately be able to view our guaranteed inventory - it is the equivalent of looking right into all the growers inventory systems that their own sales staff are using.


Counter Bid

Make your offers

This avenue allows you to propose a price on one or more boxes of a single product. Maybe you know the market and are comfortable proposing a fair price for your product. Maybe you know there is a lot of product on the market and want to offer a very aggressive price.


Request For Product Quote

Send requests to complete your orders

Let Fresh Life Floral saves you time and money! Do you have an advance order and would like to shop around for the best value? Our unique program allows you to shop for the best price online without spending time contacting multiple wholesalers, growers, and exporters.


Fresh Watch

Let our power buying system work for you

Fresh Watch is there to help. If you have limited time to participate in our live platform, let our Fresh Watch buying method do the work for you. Just enter your product quantities and the price you want to pay.


Floral Credit Line

Get financing from a trusted local lender. Trade financing in minutes without paperwork. Competitive rate & flexible repayment terms.

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Quality Control

With Fresh Life Floral Inspection Service, you can order services from professional 3rd party inspectors and inspection companies directly on the Internet at

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Fresh Life Floral will only release your payment to the grower upon your confirmation. Place order, and track delivery conveniently online or have a dedicated service representative help you through the trading process.

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Purchasing Agent Service

Purchasing Agent Service is a platform on that houses dozens of professional purchasing agents aimed at providing customized end-to-end purchasing solutions.

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